Upgraded to 2.7



I just upgraded to version 2.7 of WordPress and I must say, I'm pretty impressed. This is a completely new design, which is surprising, since the last "new" design was done only a few versions ago. These changes, however, are very welcome. So far I'm digging the new interface.

I'm actually writing this post from the "QuickPress" section of the "Dashboard". I'll have to play around with it a little more, but for right now, I'm liking what I see.

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Two More for the Portfolio



I've added a couple more sites to my portfolio. I enjoyed developing each of these sites, as neither of them took much of my time.

You will more than likely recognize this first site, kjvandfamily.com, as I used the same WordPress template, with a few minor modifications.

kjvandfamily.com screenshot

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Upgrade to WordPress 2.5



WordPress has really come a long way. They enlisted the help of the amazing designers at Happy Cog who have done a great job on the administration interface. I've just recently upgraded to this new version, and so far am really enjoying it. However, I picked the wrong time to do it as my beautiful baby daughter was born shortly after (more on this later), and some of the stuff in the upgrade rendered a few of my plugins useless. And since she was born, I haven't had the time to fix these up until now. All the issues are fixed now. I apologize if you came here before and noticed any issues. I plan on writing about this new upgrade in the future, however, I have more important things to take care of first.

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Tricklin On...