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The Deal with Twitter



I've mentioned in a previous post my confusion as to the popularity of Twitter. This is exactly what I was talking about:

I will say, that recently, after attending SxSW, I figured out the value of Twitter. Before arriving in Austin, I cleaned out my friends list, and now only follow people I know, especially those that attended SxSW. This made it easy to figure out where people were, and how to meet up with them. So, it's no longer a mystery to me, however, I still don't spend much time with it either.

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I Watch SNL for the Digital Shorts



I actually don't even watch SNL, because the last few times I've seen it, it's been pretty bad. What I do is go on Hulu.com and watch the digital shorts. These things are funny. Mr. Sandberg and team are funny dudes.

J*** in My Pants

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