Upgraded to 2.7



I just upgraded to version 2.7 of WordPress and I must say, I'm pretty impressed. This is a completely new design, which is surprising, since the last "new" design was done only a few versions ago. These changes, however, are very welcome. So far I'm digging the new interface.

I'm actually writing this post from the "QuickPress" section of the "Dashboard". I'll have to play around with it a little more, but for right now, I'm liking what I see.

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What's wrong with this site?

At immediate glance, there doesn't seem to be too much wrong with this site.

What are your thoughts now?

Warning!  You
won\'t see this unless you scroll to the bottom.

Warning! You won't see this unless you scroll to the bottom.

If you are going to have a warning message that's this important, why are you putting it at the bottom of the page, after the fold (1024 x 768)?

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Tricklin On...