iPad: So easy, a kid can use it!



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iPod Touch is Nice



iPod TouchMy beautiful and very awesome wife bought me a 16Gb iPod Touch for Christmas this year, and I must say, I absolutely love it. I never intended to get an iPhone because I just can't stand the fact that you have to go with AT&T as your carrier. I've been satisfied with T-Mobile, and really didn't want to leave them. So, the Touch was a great alternative. I've been playing around with It for a few days now, and I'm in love. What's to love you ask? Let me list them for you:

  • Wi-Fi access
  • Direct access to iTunes
  • The App Store
  • Video playback: I can now carry this on a plane to watch movies on as opposed to lugging around my laptop all the time
    Music library
  • Touch screen: this thing is phenomenal. I thought the typing on it would be difficult, but to my pleasant surprise, it's very easy to get used to. In fact, I'm writing this entire post with it right now.
  • My favorite part, however, is the personalized engraving that my wife had put on the back.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend an iPod Touch to anyone. It has nearly everything the iPhone has, except for the phone service, and the constant Internet access. Personally, I can do without this. That is what my Blackberry is for. ;)

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Keeping Up with the Slowsky’s



Merlin Mann, of 43Folders, po sted an entry today about the new Apple 3G phones and the new iPhone 2.0 software update that occurred today. Well, things didn't go so well for Apple today.

This is why I'm not an early adapter, and like to wait a few months before I buy any new technology.

On another note, my CrapBook is on the fritz AGAIN!!!

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Tricklin On...