Awesome Tables With Very Little Markup



Creating nice looking tables in HTML can be quite annoying. You have to give the table an ID or class, then give each row a class or give each column a class. Then you have to add some crazy code to make each row alternate color and another set of crazy javascript to make the rows highlight when you mouse over them. Well... That is no longer the case. Below is an example of how to get nice looking HTML tables with very little code or markup.

Use Tables For Tables Only!
First things first, if your page is using tables for layout, then stop reading. This solution is for people who only use tables for their intended purpose. So, make sure you are using tables correctly before continuing on.

The Table Markup
The actual XHTML code for the tables themselves is extremely simple, and because of this is, it is nice and legible.
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Moving Windows With Your Keyboard



The other day, I disconnected my dual display monitor from my laptop, and forgot that I had a few windows opened up in the now disabled display. Which meant that I couldn't see them, and couldn't use my mouse to drag them into view. This was extremely annoying, because the window I cared about was the "find & replace" window in my Dreamweaver. With a little bit of research, I figured out that I could move the window with a few little keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Hit Alt + Tab until the window you need moved is enabled
  2. Hit Alt + Spacebar
  3. Type "m"
  4. Use the arrow keys in direction you wish the window to move

And that is all! Hopefully this little tip will help you, like it helped me.

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Sortable List Example With Scriptaculous and PHP/mySQL



After spending a considerable amount of time looking for a decent example of "how to store the newly sorted order of a list after dragging and dropping", I realized that there isn't a whole lot of examples and documentation out there. I've decided that it's my turn to try and come up with a full blown, easy to understand example using XHTML, Javascript, PHP, and mySQL.

First off, you'll need both the scriptaculous and prototype javascript libraries (both available from Once you've downloaded these files, you'll need to reference them in the head of your file:

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Tricklin On...