iPad: So easy, a kid can use it!



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Crushed Ego



picture-13I just downloaded a great new app for my iPod Touch by Garret Murray called "Ego". I've heard some really good things about it, so I decided to download it a take it for a spin. I'll just say this, it's a great app. It looks great, and adding widgets couldn't be easier.

Seeing as this is the first blog post I've written in quite some time, it's needless to say that I'm now depressed, as the numbers I'm seeing are very sad. :( Not that I'm making excuses, but this site has definitely taken a back seat to my daughter and my full time job at Google. Hopefully in the near future, I'll be able to show some dedication to this site, and start writing again. In the meantime, go download this app. Regardless of the numbers you see, it's worth the $1.99.

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The Deal with Twitter



I've mentioned in a previous post my confusion as to the popularity of Twitter. This is exactly what I was talking about:

I will say, that recently, after attending SxSW, I figured out the value of Twitter. Before arriving in Austin, I cleaned out my friends list, and now only follow people I know, especially those that attended SxSW. This made it easy to figure out where people were, and how to meet up with them. So, it's no longer a mystery to me, however, I still don't spend much time with it either.

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Tricklin On...