Two More for the Portfolio



I've added a couple more sites to my portfolio. I enjoyed developing each of these sites, as neither of them took much of my time.

You will more than likely recognize this first site,, as I used the same WordPress template, with a few minor modifications. screenshot

I really enjoyed creating the second site,, as it is entirely managed via WordPress. This is the first time I've used WordPress to manage an entire site. Doing it this way makes me want to make this site managed entirely in WordPress. But that will have to wait. As my free time is at a premium these days. screenshot

With this site, I had my client pick a template from Once picked, I then modified it slightly to work better with the theme of the site.

Since I had the themes for both sites nearly built for me, I was able to develop them in a short period of time, and get them rolled out quickly. I must say, when looking at the time spent on each, I'm very happy with how they turned out.

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    Good Job, Honey! :)

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