The Story

Since valpo1995.com was such a success with the class of 1995 from Valpo, I've gotten many requests to recreate this site for other people getting ready to celebrate their 10 year reunion. I really wanted to take this project on as figured it was a perfect opportunity to learn PHP. I figured with my knowledge of ColdFusion, it wouldn't be terribly difficult. I was right, PHP is an easy language to learn, and very fun in which to program.

If you look at this site in comparison to valpo1995.com, you'll notice a lot of similarities. However, there are quite a few differences as well. My skills as a web designer have vastly improved since valpo1995. For instance, this site is uses CSS for layout, the backend is written in PHP with a mySQL database, and I've incorporated a bit of AJAX into it.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the end result. I was able to improve on an existing design, and learn a completely different programming language.


Screenshots Coming Soon