A Stork Told Me

I really enjoyed this project. I had free reign on the design, and I really like the final result. After doing some intial logo samples, I decided to refer my client to a friend of mine, Camri McAvoy, who has done print work for some clients of mine in the past. Camri has a great talent, and I figured her design skills would serve my client better. I was right, the logo she designed was fantastic. It set the tone for the entire design of the website. Once I got ahold of the logo, I was inspired. Ideas flowed in, and I was able to translate them to CSS and XHTML. I especially enjoy the implementation of the footer. It was a bit tricky to figure out the CSS at first, but once I did, the end result was great.


screen shot of the a stork told me logo.
screen shot of the  a stork told me footer.