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A long time ago, when I first starting working full time, I was absolutely terrible with money. I was always overdrawn and never really knew how much money I had in the bank. I relied heavily on the receipts that would come back from my ATM withdrawals, and never actually kept track of the money I was spending.

Needless to say, this quickly became a huge problem, and I needed a solution fast. The problem: I really hate those lame check book registers that you get with every brand new box of blank checks. Why? Because I rarely use my checkbook, rendering this register useless. Not to mention, I would have to do all the math anyway, which can lead to user input error, which can lead to bad data and a lot of reworking. Since, at the time, I couldn't find a satisfactory solution to get me financially organized, I decided to build an application on my own.

For the first release, I used a ColdFusion backend with an Access database. The application itself was extremely effective and got me very organized. The only concern I had was the fact that it was written in ColdFusion and was using an Access database.

So, it was time for a switch. Along with a redesign of the front-end, the application was rewritten entirely with the backend code using PHP and the database moving from Access to mySQL.

Since this is more of a pet project for me, I only work on it whenever I have free time, so there is still plenty to do, however, the main functionality works beautifully, and I use it everyday to keep all my finances in order.

To try it out, go to and sign in with the email address and a password of welcome.

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Technologies Used

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • Prototype & Scriptaculous Javascript Libraries
  • PHP
  • mySQL
  • SVN

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screen shot of the adjustmint login page.
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